Welcome to proavitus!Migration is not a crime - Paddington (attributed to Banksy)

The meaning of proavitus is "inherited from our forefathers" and in this spirit I would like to invite all relatives to have a look on this "experience" in the form of a pedigree.

The family tree started with the families Schmidt Schwab (Sudetenland), the families HauerBühler (Bayern / Baden-Württemberg) as well as the families МариновШаламанова (област Шумен / Област Благоевград) . But inbetween the pedigree spread its branches in a much wider scope and compass families around the world.

The pedigree includes personal data therefore it was necessary to restrict the access only to family and pedigree members. Please don't hesitate to start the registration, it only lasts few seconds!

Of course you are also welcome to contribute and if you have questions you could contact me via eMail: Dieter Schmidt.

I hope you have time for a little trip to your ancestors! Enjoy it!

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